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Smart Home Offer Easy to use, Flexible and Elegant Solution Packaged for residential Customers
We Help you Control these for you:

A) Mood Lighting and Dimming for your Different Spaces as well as Pool, garden and Building facade.

Mood Lighting and Dimming (Residential)
Mood Lighting and Dimming (Residential)

B) Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Enhancing Comfort, Monitoring Health, and Avoiding Energy Wastage as Possible

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning

C) Home Security and Safety Making Sure to Safe Guard Your Investment in family and Property. Gas Leak and Fire Alarm, Burglar Security, and Pool Safety

Home Security and Safety

D) Motorized Drapes Shades and Gates Creating Dynamic and Responsive Living. Bringing Freshness of the Morning Into the house, while Automatically Protecting Privacy in the evening.

Motorized Drapes Shades and Gates

E) Distributed Audio and Music Touching your Sensation, giving you all flexibility to Play your favorite Music right from your Phone to the room you are at in Ease and flexibility.

Distributed Audio and Music

F) Distributed Video and Media Bringing The ultimate Theatrical Experience Direct to Home with extreme elegance and  Comfort.

Distributed Video and Media