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"Smart-BUS ®" is a patented Protocol (Patent No: 201110123081.0) Based on "Advanced RS485" 64 Bits Communication. This 2-Way Smart-BUS Communication Protocol was Designed Mainly for Home Automation Industry and thus many call it today "SmartHome-BUS" or Simply "S-BUS".

The S-BUS Engine Drive Many Hardware Devices, Command, Monitor and Control them simultaneously in smooth and confirmed 2-Way Communication ability using Simple 4-Core Twist Pair Data Cable that is widely available in the market.

The Smart-BUS has Multi Edge technology to Easily Communicate with multi Nodes; Wirelessly via the "W-BUS" in what is called the "S-Mesh®" Environment. Also It can Communicate with FTP/UDP/TCP Via what is Called the "S-Net" Environment. This "Smart-BUS" Multi-Edge Environment and the Core System technology are Called collectively: the "Smart-Cloud®"

Using Smart-BUS Technology, installer can connect up to 250 Devices on One Cable that can reach in length up to (1200 meters).
If installer Link Several BUS Loops together using Network bridges, then up to 65280 devices per network can be smoothly linked.
Smart-BUS has very flexible connectivity: It uses Mainly Daisy Chain, it can be either an Open or closed Loop/Ring, Can Work in star Topology wiring, or Even Grid or Mesh.

Topology: Bus Network, Ring Network, Star Network and Full Mesh Network

S-BUS Operating Voltage:
The S-BUS Engine can work at wide Voltage DC Range between 8-32Volts. And is considered Green as it consumes between 20-32mA per device during operation. The S-BUS uses 4 Wires (2-Pairs): one Pair for Data Communication and the other for Power. The Smart-BUS has Also Several Lines of protection like: Reverse Polarity Protection, Short Circuit protection, Overload Protection, Overheat protection, and other..

Open Protocol:
Smart-BUS Patented Protocol is also an Open Protocol provided to Professional Developers and Integrators Free of Charge. (Any Registered Organization / Developer Can Easily and directly get the complete Protocol documents that they need after filling and Signing the proper Quality Network Paperwork). The Inventors Mr. Firas Mazloum Mr. Mendel Lin, and Mr. Turath Mazloum has Made Sure to patent the Protocol and BUS technology To Make Sure that it remains Open to Serve Humanity and Environment.

Below are the downloadable documents of protocols:

Smart-BUS Protocol v.1.4
Protocol v.1.4
Smart-BUS Commands v.5.1
Commands v.5.1
Zone-Audio2 Protocol v.3.6
Protocol v.3.6
Dry Contact Input - 4Z Protocol v.1.0
4Z Protocol v.1.2
Nuvo Protocol v.0.7
Nuvo Protocol v.0.7
LED Driver Protocol
LED Driver Protocol
Relay Protocol v.1.0
Relay Protocol v.1.0
HVAC Protocol v.1.1
HVAC Protocol v.1.1
Dimmer Protocol v.1.2
Dimmer Protocol v.1.2
6Button Protocol v.1.1
6Button Protocol v.1.1
9in1 Sensor Protocol v.1.1
9in1 Sensor
Protocol v.1.1
IR Macro Protocol v.1.0
IR Macro
Protocol v.1.0
Mini IO Protocol v.1.0
Mini IO Protocol v.1.0


Smart-BUS Enabled Devices and solutions:
Several Home Automation and Building Control Devices are widely available worldwide today, and provided through several Developers and Manufacturers.

Some of which are listed here:

• S.BUS Enabled Dimmers
• S.BUS Enabled Relays
• S.BUS Enabled Ballast Controllers
• S.BUS Enabled DMX-512 controllers
• S.BUS Enabled SMS Communication Modules
• S.BUS Enabled HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Control)
• S.BUS Enabled Pump Monitoring and Control
• S.BUS Enabled Multifunctional Sensors (Patented Technology)
• S.BUS Enabled Dry Input Devices
• S.BUS Enabled I/O Modules
• S.BUS Enabled Motor and Shades Control
• S.BUS Enabled Web Host with Chat Client
• S.BUS Enabled Multi-Room Distributed Digital Zone-Audio® Network (Patented Technology)
• S.BUS Enabled Integration Bridges like RS-232/485 and TCP/IP
• S.BUS Enabled Ceiling Fans Speed control Module
• S.BUS Enabled Android,, and i.pad Interfaces
• S.BUS Enabled WinXp,7,CE applications
• S.BUS Enabled Security and Safety monitoring Modules
• S.BUS Enabled Power Metering and Management Modules
• S.BUS Enabled Infra Red Multimedia Controls
• S.BUS Enabled Hotel Guest Room Management system. (GRMS)
• S.BUS Enabled Weather Monitoring Devices
• S.BUS Enabled Irrigation and Water Leak or Water Management & Control
• S.BUS Enabled Advanced Systems Bridges like KNX/EIB, Nuvo, Honeywell,
• S.BUS Enabled LED Drivers and color Changers
• S.BUS Enabled DIY Zone Control Devices
• S.BUS Enabled Automation Logic and central Clock System (Patented Technology)
• S.BUS Enabled Dynamic Display Panels (Patented Technology)

S-BUS Evolution:
This Advanced Technology is offered solely To Utter the Level of Life style. "Smart-BUS it is not Just a Solution, is an Evolution" Invented and Made Open to help create a Green Environment with Minimal wasted Energy, while Providing a high end Techno Lifestyle..

Smart-Bus (Sbus) Evolution