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Smart Group Offer S-BUS Enabled Easy to use, Flexible and Elegant Solution Packaged for Commercial Building Customers

These Solution fall under Smart-Building Control and Automation which cover several services and expertise:

A) Lighting and Show Control for your Different Spaces, Arcades, Offices and Building facade

Lighting and Show Control

B) HVAC and BMS:  Help Control Temperature, Humidity Levels,  Monitoring Building Services Status, as well as to  Avoid Energy Wastage, all done in simple Self managed as well as Centrally controlled Ways.


C) CCTV and Security: Alarm Monitoring and Building Security management

CCTV and Security


D) Background Music (BGM) and Addressable Public Announcement: Communicating, Announcing, and Entertaining within a single Platform.

Background Music (BGM) and Addressable Public Announcement

E) Dynamic Office Motorized Shading: Programmable Timer and Location Driven Office Motorized  Drapes/Blinds to Help in Energy Saving and Functional Responsive office Environment

Dynamic Office Motorized Shading

F) Office Entry and Access Monitoring: Covers all ranges of Solutions from Parking Management to Time and attendance to Door Access Control Systems

Office Entry and Access Monitoring

G) Smart Meeting Room Systems: Complete Integrated Solutions for Complete Meeting Room Simplified Media Management. (Sources, Lifts, Moods, Audio, Shades, Turntables and More)

Smart Meeting Room Systems