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Smart Group Offer S-BUS Enabled Easy to use, Flexible and Elegant Solution Packaged for Hospitality Industry.

These Solution fall under Smart-Hotel Automation

A) Lighting and Show Control for your Different Spaces, Lobbies, Banquets Halls, Restaurants  and Building facade

Lighting and Show Control

B) Hotel Guest Room management GRMS: The Ultimate online Comfort Hotel Guest Service Management Solution. Control of Room Lights, Air Conditioner, Access, Shades, Energy, Occupancy, Services, Media ++

Hotel Guest Room management GRMS

C) Restaurants and Banquets Ambient Music: Pump Lounge Music to Different Areas in your Hotel or Restaurant,

Restaurants and Banquets Ambient Music

D) Banquet and Ball Room AV Systems Control: All Types of Lifts Control Like Plasma, Projectors and LCD’s. Media Scalars, Switchers, Lights and Sound Control, Complete Show Control Systems

Banquet and Ball Room AV Systems Control