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Some of the Materials that are recommended to be always Handy with Installer for successful Installation of Low current systems:

• Cables (RG-6, UTP cat5e, RG-59)
• Electrical and Audio wires,
• HDMI Cables, AV Cables and converters
• Power Sockets, Data and Tel Sockets, Blank Plates ++
• Cylindrical Fuses and Fuse Holders
• DIN Rail Bars
• Extra Water Proof Boxes, and Small DB's
• Cable Manager
• Patching Strips and MDF
• Patch Panels
• Plastic Trunking
• GI Trunking 2 inches
• Fishers and Screws and Bolts and Nuts Set
• Set Connectors (RCA, BNC, RJ45, RJ11, Power, Mic, BUS, RF, T connectors, F connectors..etc)
• Couplers 20mm, 25mm, 50mm
• Electric Insulation Tape,
• Heat Shrinkable Sleeves
• Greased Connectors and Screw terminals