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Smart-Group Has designed Together with SmartHome-University several Training Programs to Make sure that all Dealers/Installers, Distributors and Consultants are always kept updated and upraised on latest solutions and technology that the Group have to offer in the Automation, Techno-Lifestyle, and Energy Industries.

Most of these trainings are Offered Free to the Active Network Partners. Periodical Trainings take Place at Different World Nodes Like: UAE, Egypt, Germany, USA, Denmark, China, India, South Africa, Australia, Thailand and Other Main Hubs.

Smart-Bus Training Smart-Bus Training


Some of The Courses Offered:

1- Automation Design, System Selection, BOQ making, Estimation, Proposal Making, and Bidding Strategies

2- Schematics, Connection Diagrams, Wiring and Conduiting, Cables, Tools, Materials, Methodology, Procedures, Contractual correspondence and Installation steps

3- Product Business Development Training for BDM's Showing Applications for Different sectors and Touring Different Product Brand Development Ideas

4- Smart-BUS Installation and Basic programming (Level1)

a. Lighting and Dimming with Simple Scenes
b. Climate and HVAC Control
c. Music/ Distributed Audio
d. Simple Security and Occupancy

5- Smart-BUS Installation and Advanced programming (Level2)

a. Macros, Moods and Buttons
b. Complex Automation Logic Functions
c. Infra-Red / AV Control Integration
d. Touch screens Data Bases
e. Androids, Win CE, Windows 7, IPhone and Other SW
f. Show Control and SMS
g. Lifters Integration S
h. Shades Motors Integration
i. Video Control

6- Smart-BUS Installation and Pro-programming (Level3)

a. 3rd party Integration Coding
b. Long Range RFID Integration
c. Web Hosts
d. VRV Cool Integration
e. Cool Genset Controls
f. Community Servers

7- Smart-BUS Installation and Scripting programming (Level4)

a. Low Level Coding and Scripting
b. Developers Workshop on Protocol and Integration

8- AMC Contracts, Service Level agreements, Troubleshooting, and Procedures for Protective maintenance, Emergency, corrective, and Replacement Maintenance.

9- Specification Writing, Specifying, and Enrolling Methodology.

10- OEM, ODM Policy, Idea making, Brain Storming and Organizing, Getting The Product Out, Branding, Strategic Marketing Tools.

Dealers Levels and Definitions:

Smart Group Has Several Levels of Installers and Dealers separated according to their Expertise and Activities:

1- New Dealer : is Any Technical Person or company That Has Been accepted (after Filling Application and submitting Credentials) also has received Dealer acceptance and Smart-BUS Training Certification Also has Purchased the Dealer Practice Kit.

2- Active Dealer/Installer: is any Dealer That has taken Several Levels of Training, and Acquired at Least 3 Different Certificates, or has purchased at least 4 Orders within first 6 Months after Training First.

3- Authorized Dealer: is The Active Dealer that Has Completed at Least 3 Installations that involve at least 3 Categories of smart-BUS like: (Lighting, HVAC, Music, etc.) and these Installations has been Inspected and Passed the Smart-Installer/Integrator Quality Standards

4- Super Dealer: is the Authorized Dealer that Has trained and is Supporting at least 4 Other Installers and Dealers under his Area command Umbrella.

Genuine Certification:

Genuine Smart-Group Certification is Always Sealed By Smart Home / Digitcom Seal. And is Issued and Signed By Our Chairman and Training Director.

Smart Home University Certificate

"If It is Smart – Its got to be by Smart-Group"